The Roles We Play

The novel I’ll be writing this November for NaNoWriMo.


By 2227, North America is divided into fifteen countries. Among them are Eden and Rom, two countries so invested in their long-fought war that their populations significantly dwindled decades ago.

For Jericho, the time for him to go home and meet his family for the first time has finally come. He’s lived at the Oman Oasis for his entire life, like hundreds of other children born in Eden and Rom whose parents wanted to protect them from the war.

Though going home is something Jericho has always dreamt of, facing the war-torn country and enormous responsibilities that await him may be too much for the seventeen year old to handle. How is he meant to fight against the people he’s known his whole life?

Genre: Dystopian
Word Count: n/a
Status: planning