Spectrum Series

The Spectrum Series (titles pending) originally came to me as an original fairy tale, and has since morphed and grown into the incredible fantasy series it is today.


Book One


The daughter of war heroes, Theadora Merritt has wanted nothing more than to live an uneventful life, especially after witnessing her mother’s assassination at five years old. Now nineteen, she’s forced to leave her father and village behind when strange men come looking for her, but running is futile against the warlord Odis’ men, and soon Thea and her deaf brother, Finnian, are taken captive for crimes committed by their mother long before they were born.

Overhearing Odis’ plans to take over her kingdom, Thea must find away to escape and warn the queen with only Finnian and Inias, the young and inexperienced knight, to help her. Her journey is made more difficult when a sudden betrayal leaves her family cursed forever.

Genre: fantasy
Word count: currently about 70,000
Status: finished 1st draft
Notes: Started during NaNo 2013, finished Halloween of the following year.